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The Writings of a Research Student [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Amanda Lindsay

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New Things [Jul. 2nd, 2013|06:44 pm]
Amanda Lindsay
Well, I'm an auntie now, baby niece showed up on Towel Day I think she is destined to be a geek (unless there's a fit of teenage rebellion or something). Niece is very cute and rather squishier than I was expecting. Everyone said she liked me, I was just terrified of dropping her or something. She is the first baby I have really spent any time with since my sister was a baby.

I spent last weekend from Thursday in Surrey with my parents. My dad and I went to the cricket on Thursday, it was supposed to be the second Twenty20 match between England and NZ but was actually rather a lot of rain with only two balls bowled. It wasn't a bad evening and I so get my money back so no doubt we'll try again sometime.

I had a birthday which I spent three hours on a train, breakfast in Surrey with parents, dinner with friends in Exeter. Happy me.

New job is going quite well although the last couple of weeks have been rather stressful. I got through and I feel rather accomplished as a result.
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In which I am still employed [Feb. 23rd, 2013|02:00 pm]
Amanda Lindsay
[Current Mood |happyhappy]

I have managed to get another job, it's only temporary but I am really looking forward to it and am very grateful not to be unemployed next month. I also got the position through open application so am now eligible to apply for internal only positions which should make it easier to get a permanent job.

I have also finished reading all the Jack Reacher novels.
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Yet another year begun [Jan. 7th, 2013|10:32 pm]
Amanda Lindsay
[Current Mood |happyhappy]

Once again a month and change have passed since I posted... So quickly playing catch up on what's happened since then. My Aunt's birthday party went off without a hitch. I didn't even get to my parent's house it was train, station, dad's car, restaurant, dad's car, station, train, not the most relaxing day but the things we do for family... I almost went to Bangladesh for work, was really looking forward to it but unfortunately the situation there was (mostly likely still is, I haven't been keeping up with the news) a bit volatile. Went to see the Hobbit, it was good. There was a massive deadline at work and craziness ensued but we made it. The world, once again, failed to end. I took two weeks off work and spent most of the time with my parents. Was very quiet and generally peaceful. I needed the rest. Can't believe how different next year is going to be. Parents came back to Exeter with me and helped me generally tidy up after my stress/lack of time/lack of energy induced neglect and put plastic film on the windows. This is a bit more heavy-duty than the plastic I have used in the past. Not entirely sure what the point is but it make my mum happy so I'll go along with it.

Today was my first day back at work. I feel in a bit of a haze, I liked being on hols. Still I didn't like not working so much I'd want it to be permanent so job applications are still in the offing. End of March is feeling awfully close now.

I've started reading the Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child. I know there's a film out but although I usually rather enjoy action romps I doubt I'll be going to see it. Jack Reacher is 6 foot 5 and well above average intelligence (career Military Police, and very observant investigator) so Tom Cruise will never fit the role. It was the existence of the film that made me start reading the novels though. They've pretty good (only read the first 4 so far) but relatively long and not the simplest thing I have ever read. Definitely requires the reader to be awake and paying some attention. So not something that can be drifted through in an evening.
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Life is ticking along [Nov. 14th, 2012|10:13 pm]
Amanda Lindsay
All is pretty good in my life although as usual I'm too busy no time to spend at home or with boyfriend (sorry Matt). I'm still working although my contract will be up at the end of March (2 years how did that fly by?) and I haven't yet got a permanent job although I am working on that.

The aikido club is ticking along one of my students got his black belt this year, he was a brown belt when I took the club over so he's not entirely 'mine'. I have one orange belt, two yellow and at least one white belt. This is meaning good size classes and everyone is happier as a result and I am still not panicking about finances.

I'm writing fantasy again although James and Dan are still ticking along, I'm staring at a massive plot hole in the chronologically first story in that universe at the moment and I don't think there is going to be more in that universe until I sort out the hole. The story with too many names is the one I am mostly working on at the moment. Story with no names is paused although I have never really figured out what is happening in that universe. Timewalker, started ages ago, the plot has remained rough consistent but the political system of the setting has gone into flux and they seem to be in the midst of a techno-magical revolution which means I basically know nothing about the setting.

I'm rushing back to Surrey for an afternoon on Saturday for my aunt's (the one who had cancer) birthday party. That's going to be a bit nuts. I've got something on every weekend between now and the 16th December. I've taken two weeks off work at Christmas and I have a feeling that I'm going to need the time to recover.
It's going to be great to see the family as I have had news that my sister is pregnant. Somewhere around May I'm going to be an auntie.
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All is well in my world [Apr. 30th, 2012|07:07 pm]
Amanda Lindsay
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]

Just letting you all know that all is well in my world, I know I haven't posted recently, I just haven't feel that I have anything much to talk about. Work is going well, think I'm getting the hang of this normal work day thing. Aikido is going really well, newbies are continuing to attend and this is good for the clubs finances and very good for my chances of getting the money the club owes me back. I am still writing quite enthusiastically, it would be nice to stick to one universe for more than a few minutes but they are all puttering along. My bounce is generally back.

My major news is that I am just back from a weekend in Glasgow catching up with Ben and Sarah (whose blog I really must track down again). They moved up about six years ago and I promised I would go and visit, this is the first time. I know I haven't have much time/money/energy in that time but I still feel like a bad friend :( Any way I made it. Scotland is beautiful and it was really great to see them. Couldn't believe it had been as long as it has, felt like no time at all had passed.
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Updates [Feb. 8th, 2012|08:57 pm]
Amanda Lindsay
Sorry all in LJland I know it's been a while. It's Feburary all ready, I intended to do a New Year's update to match up with the one I did last year. 2010 I felt chewed me up and spat me out. 2011 was a brilliant year. Got my phd and got a job and what's more it's a job that doesn't make me feel that I wasted my time at university. The Met Office has extended my contract so i will be working there until the end of March next year. I am working on getting a permanent job there.

I have also formally graduated now. Whole floppy velvet hat and gown occasion and the weather stayed more or less good. I had a brilliant day with friends and family.

Aikido, neither of my brown students graded last year, both are talking about going for blackbelt this year. I'm a touch sceptical both because they have been attending patchily and because they are both are going to become fathers again. It's not something I have to worry about at the moment though. I'm not the only teacher at the Exeter club now which a bit less stress and I have two new students, maybe three. :) This is really good news.

I'm still writing. Mostly a mixture of James and Dan, 'The story with no names' which is currently around 22,000 words with no names for any of the people or places therein. And in contrast 'The story with too many names' in which the (first person) narrator character has used about six different idenities in 2,000 words... I consider this an indication that there is some sort of balance in my head. More muses have been coming back since graduation. Apparently me being a graduand does not make my muses happy.

I bought a PS2, yes 2, while I was with my parents at christmas. Having a retro moment, or rather longer than a moment, but I have some games that I played once upon a time a long while back and they are even more fun than I remember.
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Well deserved ends [Sep. 25th, 2011|10:47 am]
Amanda Lindsay
No I haven't been bumping off the people who made my life hel or even gleefully reading obituries. I have however, submitted my final version of my thesis (despite issues with the postgraduate admin people) which means it is done done done - Just got graduation to concern myself about now.

I have also asked that my PGCE registration be closed, I won't be going back. I am awaiting the arrival of my transcript and the associated credits. I'm planning to go to the OU and put those credits to use. Something good has to come out of the mess that was my PGCE.  I've learned in the last couple of months that  the PGCE is still a bit of a sore spot for me. I suppose I shouldn't be surprise by that but I was still trying to  ignore the whole thing, that's not really possible any more (if it ever was...) and I want to move on. I am hoping that closing everything down will help. - I have (more than) a few issues. *sigh*

It was the annual black belt grading last weekend, no one from Exeter club was grading but several of my friends were grading. I thought I might end up partnering someone but I didn't. I was only involved in one 4 person attack. There's the national BAB course coming up in early October and I'm going to go and combine it was a weekend at my parents. 

Generally speaking my life is pretty good. I just need to avoid stressing too much.  
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Happy Days [Aug. 7th, 2011|12:41 pm]
Amanda Lindsay

I'm still justing to being 'Doctor' I haven't got round to getting my name changed at the ank or whatever yet. I've done my corrections and will be heading uo to uni in the next few weeks to submit my final version. I'll be submitting electronically although I will get a hard bound copy made up, mainly for my parents.

My muses all went completely AWOL for about two weeks after my viva, it was horrible, it was so quiet in my head. Two of them have now returned so I am writing stories / character studies about my two federal agents James and Dan. The rest are still AWOL. It has been a very long time since the inside of my head was this quiet, I'm not sure what I can do about it, I guess the rest will show back up at some point.

My other good news is that my contract has been extended so I am employed until the end of March. This news is very good for my nerves.

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Viva [Jul. 11th, 2011|01:48 pm]
Amanda Lindsay
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]

 It's all over now, I passed (with minor corrections). :D :D :D It went on 2 and half hours and seemed more like five minutes. I got hand shaking adrenaline come down but I'm feeling pretty good. I made it. It has been a very long road.
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Viva is Imminent [Jul. 9th, 2011|09:38 am]
Amanda Lindsay
My Viva is 9 am Monday morning and is thus less than 48 hours away. The nerves are jangling a bit but I'm generally optimistic about the whole thing. I'm oscillating between that nd looking for the nearest table to hide under, although the former is winning.

Yes, I know I've been terrible at updating this journal, I am keeping up with my friendspage but I've noticed I only tend to write when I'm stressed and life is pretty good at the moment. You'll be getting a viva update sometime on Monday and then I'll do my best to update more generally.
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